Thursday, December 13, 2018

Leaving Paparore πŸ˜”

Hi! its Faye. as you know by the title I am now leaving Paparore school... I have had such A great time here and I can not believe that now it is my time to go to Intermediate.  I had my graduation a few days ago and now it is my last day here. I am leaving with 30 other year six students in my class like my good friend Bindi.
Here is a Fun video that was presented at my graduation.
for the last time...
hope you enjoy.

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  1. Hi Faye, what a lovely leaving comment. I think that you are really going to enjoy Kaitaia Intermediate and they will love to have you. You have so much knowledge to share and a wonderful way in which you share it. I hope you are having a fabulous holiday with your family and I look forward to catching up in the New Year.